Terms & Conditions

The Computer Guy is a provider of on-site computer support, maintenance and consulting services. (herein referred to as “The Services”)

The Services provided to the customer, are subject to the following terms and conditions.

The customer, by making an appointment for an on-site visit by The Computer Guy, accepts these terms and conditions.


The Computer Guy will visit the customer premises at a mutually agreed upon time.

Minimum rate – R 550.00 per hour or part thereof, exclusive of any travelling charges.

Standard rate per 1 hour or more – R 550.00 per hour, exclusive of any travelling charges.


For a limited time, The Computer Guy may offer free assessments under the following conditions :-

  • A nominal fee will be charged for costs incurred in travelling to the customer premises.
  • The travelling charge calculated by The Computer Guy will be dependant on the distance travelled and the amount of such charge will be at the discretion of The Computer Guy.
  • The customer agrees to pay the travelling charges in cash banknotes on arrival at the customer premises, prior to the commencement of the assessment.
  • Assessments are limited to 1 computer only and may not exceed half an hour, unless prior arrangement is made with The Computer Guy.
  • Free assessments are limited to 1 per potential customer during any 6 month period.
  • Should the customer decide to act upon the assessment of The Computer Guy, and immediately retains The Computer Guy to perform The Services assessed, standard labour rates apply.
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