Terms & Conditions


In the event of any dissatisfaction with The Services provided by The Computer Guy, the customer should immediately bring to the notice of The Computer Guy details of the alleged dissatisfaction.

The customer shall agree that no outstanding amounts may be withheld from The Computer Guy in the event of alleged dissatisfaction and the customer undertakes to settle all outstanding amounts owed to The Computer Guy on request.

The Computer Guy will make an appointment for a return visit and will endeavor to rectify the cause of the alleged dissatisfaction.

If the cause of the dissatisfaction was due to a matter beyond the control of The Computer Guy, the customer shall agree to pay for the additional time incurred, at the appropriate rates, to rectify the cause of the dissatisfaction.

If the support issue arose directly as a result of the previous on-site visit by The Computer Guy and is reported to The Computer Guy within 24 hours of the visit, no further charge shall be made to rectify the outstanding issue. New and subsequent issues not resulting from the original issue will be charged for at the prevailing rates.

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